Celebrate Christmas in India

5 best Places in India to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is always a picturesque affair. Everywhere around the world, families and friends come together, their smiles echoing overpowering all the worries! It’s time to slip in some wine down the throats and gobble down some yummy cakes. Be it Shimla smeared

Top 5 movies to watch on Christmas

Top 5 movies to watch this Christmas!!

In case, you are wondering what to do this Christmas- sitting at home and watching a few movies with your family and loved ones on Netflix should definitely be on your agenda. Here’s a list of 5 movies you must watch this


There are always those items that should be washed more frequently but instead we forget about it or simply don’t know how often they need be washed. One question that we have been asked often by our users—how often should bath towels