Things that are set to make a comeback this 2017

Everything we love is all set to make a comeback. Things have started to feel different as we start feeling nostalgia. 2016 has laid down a benchmark for beginning the era of comebacks and 2017 seems to take forward and move beyond

Unshrink your clothes

4 easy steps to un-shrink your clothes

Some clothes are just not meant for the dryer. They shrink and shrink and almost magically become so small that they can only fit a child. No longer fitting you, these clothes can often cause serious identity crisis where you may start

Valentine’s Day

10 things that happen every Valentine’s Day

It was one such 14th of Feb during my college years where I had come across a yellow sticky note stuck on my bench. ‘I love you— meet me at canteen during lunch’—it read. The note was however accompanied by a yummy