The right way to wash your swimsuit

Now that summer is here, it’s the perfect time to dive into a pool nearby or drive to a  beach for a holiday. Which means taking out your swim suit and giving them a new life again. But, making the swim suits

Oranize clothes & accessories

How to organize your wardrobe essentials in 5 easy ways

Messy closets are always troublesome. We all know the struggle of getting the wardrobe all set and dying half way to get that done. Lets agree, its exhausting! And boring! Not everything in life comes easy and fun they say, but had

Easy Ways to remove Holi stains

5 easy ways to remove Holi stains from clothes!

The festival of colours is here and so is the the daunting task of getting the Holi colour stains off the clothes! While we are busy splashing colours with baloons and pichhkaris,  our clothes are becoming the dearest friends of these stingy

Laundry Hacks

10 things that people do to avoid laundry

Laundry! The name itself is so daunting to make us feel tired already. No matter how less of a pile of clothes it is, we always find excuses to not deal with it just yet(or today or tomorrow or the weekend or

Clean your washing machine

Why You Need to Clean Your Washing Machine and How to Do It

Wasn’t cleaning laundry enough of a chore, you may ask. Well, we agree that laundry can be hard but most of the dirt that comes off your dirty laundry gets stuck in the machine and can make your freshly washed clothes rather