Laundry while traveling

How to do laundry while traveling

As the summer vacations begin, we start to rejoice in the anticipation of the imminent long vacations. At least the scorching heat brings good news for someone! But sometimes, these long vacations take a toll on us as laundry is the last

Laundry Jugaads

7 hilarious laundry ‘jugaads’ that will make your day!

‘Jugaad’ is every Indian’s improvised solution even to the most trivial problem, that is born from one’s ingenuity and cleverness. Be it making the most of limited resources or getting things done-the easy way, Jugaad has always been the most felicitous way

Get rid of collar stains

5 easy ways to get rid of those ugly collar stains

A greasy ring around the collar- a story that seems pretty constant and appears on every single shirt that you own. It happens to the best of us. You are just about to put on that crispy white shirt on and the