Period Stains

Tips to remove period stains effortlessly!

Stained pants are an inevitable part of having periods. TBH, periods stains are no big deal, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t frustrating! Especially when your favorite pants are stained or any of your bottoms for that matter. These stains can be

Laundry hacks using household items

5 unbelievable laundry hacks using only household items

We’re always on the lookout for those little loopholes to make the laundry chores go along quickly especially when we have to face these tight stains that just won’t go! Which is why we have all developed an aversion to doing laundry.

Mother’s Day Gift

5 thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts

Mother’s day is just TWO DAYS AWAY! On this special day we can show our appreciation to the real superheros of our lives. They have always been there for us since the day we were born. Moms deserve the best. So, here

LaundroKart Store

Find a LaundroKart store near you!

LaundroKart is one among the many start up companies in Bangalore who are looking at revolutionizing laundry and dry-cleaning services. Launched in the year 2016, we have successfully established ourselves in 8 prominent locations across Bangalore and are hoping to successfully reach