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10 reasons why LaundroKart is your best laundry companion

Since the advent of on-demand online services, the laundry sector has seen a major boost. Outsourcing an online laundry and dry cleaning service is becoming increasingly popular. And with technology continuing to change nearly every aspect of our life, it seems fair

How to sanitize your laundry

Keeping clothes sanitized is an important part of doing laundry that many of us miss to include in our daily laundry schedule. Washing clothes with detergent is not enough to keep them clean. In extreme cases, even after a regular wash, bacteria

Do’s & Don’ts of washing

The do’s and don’ts of washing your leggings

Smelly leggings are an everyday problem and it’s not just you! For some reason, this bad odor gets amplified if worn more than once without a clean wash. Because we wear these stretchy pants everywhere and pretty often, it becomes vital to