How to sanitize your laundry

Keeping clothes sanitized is an important part of doing laundry that many of us miss to include in our daily laundry schedule. Washing clothes with detergent is not enough to keep them clean. In extreme cases, even after a regular wash, bacteria and allergens can survive a cold water wash. A good hygienic wash is essential to keep clothes fresh and germ-free. These handy tips on how to sanitize your laundry will ensure your clothes smell good and are 100% bacteria free.

  1. Separate your laundry correctly:

By this, we do not mean separating the colored and the whites. Segregate your clothes. Wash the towels separately, pillow covers and other bedding separately and if the clothing has been used by someone who is ill, wash it separately. This way you can avoid germs from spreading between items during the process of being washed.

sorting clothes

2. Use hot water:

Before using hot water, make sure the label on the cloth does not read otherwise. Fabrics like cotton can shrink in hot water.

Hot water cleans clothes more thoroughly than warm or cold water. Washing clothes in hot water will kill all the germs present on your clothes. You can also use lukewarm water for daily wears and colored clothes.

wash clothes using hot water

3. Use bleach for whites:

Bleach cannot be used on colored clothes as it can cause fading. So, its best used for whites.

Read the instructions given on your bleach bottle and then fill the bleach dispenser in your machine. If your machine does not support a dispenser, you can add it directly onto the load after it has been mixed with water. Launder as usual.

Bleach acts best when used with hot water. So, if it’s possible, wash with hot water for best results.

uses of bleach- sanitise clothes

4. Grapefruit seed extract:

Grapefruit seed extract is believed to be a natural disinfectant. It can kill staph, strep, salmonella and other common household bacteria and parasites.

Add 2 drops of the extract for every litre of water. Let the clothes soak for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Next, run the laundry through a regular cycle in your washer and dry as usual.

uses of grapefruit seed extract- sanitise clothes

5. Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-infection properties. It is safe to use on all of your laundry items.

Add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in every load of laundry along with the unscented detergent. Wash your clothes as you do normally and dry them. Tea tree oil will disinfect your laundry leaving it fresh.

uses of tea tree oil-sanitise clothes

We hope these tips have helped you understand your clothes better. For more laundry related queries feel free to get in touch with LaundroKart.