LaundroKart gets featured in The Economic Times and Silicon India Magazine

As the company grows bigger by the day, knowing who we are and what we do is crucial to all of our customers. Thanks to The Economic Times and Silicon India Magazine, who believed in us and covered our story to reach a more diverse audience both offline and online.

The interviews conducted with the co-founders of the company will give you a complete insight on how LaundroKart works. Have a look-

The Economic Times

The Economic Times is the world’s 2nd most widely popular newspaper that writes about all the matters related to finances of companies and about the growing and upcoming industries. This interview of our co-founders with ET will give you a financial outlook of our company and an idea of what we are capable of and how we plan to bring a big change in the laundry industry. 


Silicon India Magazine

Silicon India Magazine is one of the top platforms in India that features the most critical and relevant content about burgeoning entrepreneurs, upcoming technologies and trends. Here, in this article, Silicon India Magazine highlights our current internal functioning along with some of the new technologies that we are acquiring and plan to put to practice in the near future. Click here to read the full article.