Not just you, even the flamboyant clothes who walk in LaundroKart have few queries. Read below, get to know us more and dump your laundry in our hands.
If you didn't find the answer to your question, mail us or call us.

If you have selected Express Delivery, you will get the laundry in 24 hours.
If you have selected Normal Delivery, your laundry will be delivered in 3-4 days.

Login to our website and schedule a pick up. You can choose your laundry pick up time during scheduling the laundry.
We offer three slots. You can select as per your convenience.

We are open from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM. Call us, mail us or ping us to get in touch.
We will be right back at your service.

We serve all across Bangalore. You can choose Express delivery where the delivery will be done in 24 hours or you can choose Normal delivery where your laundry will be delivered in 3-4 days.

The cleanliness of our store is our pride. In fact we have special team to handle the cleanliness of the store.
You will never find a better laundry destination than LaundroKart in Bangalore.

We understand what hygiene means to you. Yes though we wash your clothes with other people clothes, hygiene is highly maintained by our management team in terms of machinery and environment.

LaundroKart offers online payment or Cash on Delivery. We have also introduced a wallet system on LaundroKart website where you can either recharge your wallet with money using online payment or buy few packages and do the payments.

With quality and customer satisfaction being the prime ambitions of laundroKart, we use the best resources available in the industry.
We use international brands like Amway and Johnson Diversey for washing your garments.

LaundroKart is a premier one stop laundry solution.
We do dry cleaning too. From henkey's to blanket's we serve all your home dry cleaning needs.

Yes from small henkey's to huge quilts, blankets and comforters, we offer laundry. We own high end equipments which are efficient at

Firstly our expert laundry care team will handle your garments with care.
They own specialized experience in garment laundry service.
But unfortunately if you find any garment damaged, we will compensate to your loss appropriately.
We understand that the liability of any garment is not limited, according to the industry policy of LaundroKart we try our best to sort out the issue the effective way.

We shall check the laundry while pick up and return back if we find any personnel belongings.
In case we find any at our store during the laundry preparing or cleaning process, we will take care of them and shall call you to let you know about the same.

We care your laundry very well and make sure we return only clean laundry and nothing else. Our professional management team handles the to and fro of garments with flawless expertise. But in case you didn't find any of your garment in the return bag from LaundroKart please call our customer care and keep the order id handy.

Once you sign in, while you schedule a pick up on the website, please mention in the remarks section what garment needs special attention.
You can also give a single remark if the entire garments require special attention.

Your garments are washed with our premium detergents and ironed. Ironing is included.

No worries. We will contact you before we start to make sure you are at home. Only then we start and drop your laundry.

Yes for the little busy people, we have Express laundry delivery service.
This premium delivery services brings back your laundry within 24 hours from the time of pick up. The price is double.

Of course No. You don't have you. Throw the laundry on us when we knock your door. We will pack them and take it. In no time, we will come back with your clean laundry.

LaundroKart makes laundry easy for you. Schedule a pick up date and time, we will be at your doorstep in a wink. Secondly you don't even have to prepare your laundry, our laundry pick up boy knocks your door and packs the dirty laundry in LaundroKart bags. He tags your laundry as every garment has its own washing instructions. In no time, enjoy washed, ironed laundry back home. LaundroKart is an affordable and premier laundry destination.