10 things that people do to avoid laundry

Laundry! The name itself is so daunting to make us feel tired already. No matter how less of a pile of clothes it is, we always find excuses to not deal with it just yet(or today or tomorrow or the weekend or for eternity). So, here are some of the things that every laundry hater(not all are like Monica Geller) can relate to!

1. Repeat and repeat until its torn and worn out:
superwoman 1
“Yaar, ye toh ganda bhi nai hua hai, maybe, I can wear it one more time” – this is the most logical answer that anybody can think of when stating the reason for not doing the laundry.

2. You become the master of invention:
master of invention 2
Well, well…this is the time when all creative minds produce creative ideas to not do the laundry. Like Febreezing your dirty pile of clothing and hoping no one will notice your stench.

3. You set reminders:
reminder 3
Not that you’ll start working right after you’ve been reminded. They don’t even work and you know it! You do it, so, you can set another reminder for another time.

4. When your perfume becomes a savior:
smell good 4
For some, spraying a little perfume wont make any difference but for the rest(laundry haters) its a life saviour, so hey, JUST DO IT! Be it a movie outing or going on a date, it just takes the right choice of fragrance to get it all set and done.

5. Suddenly, your siblings mean the world to you:
sibling love 5
And we start showering love on them like they’ve never been loved. If it weren’t for that one pair of dress, they would never get out of the garbage-zone. I repeat, NEVER!

6. Or you just choose to be a thief:
clothes 6
Stealing their clothes form the wardrobe-because sibling love ain’t your thing.

7. When all you can think about is fighting the battle of clothes:
how to dry and fold 7
Where you know, washing clothes is just half the battle. Drying and folding is the hardest part. And just when you wish for miracles to happen, LaundroKart lends you their hand.

8. You shop:
Maybe not ‘til you Drop. But you SHOP! Because why not? Just that, its hard to find a store at a walking distance that would fit your already finished budget.

9. You drape, you layer:
How else can you hide the stains when washing them ain’t the option? No idea, right?! That’s why you start to drape, layer and cover yourself up and wear the warmest sweater in the hottest weather.

10. Sometimes, you outsource laundry:
laundrokart 10
Why go the hard way, when the easiest is right at your fingertips!