15 absolutely brilliant uses for a single sock

We all have those abandoned socks that we think are of no use. But instead of tossing them in the drawer, here are 15 brilliant ways in which you can put all the single socks to their best use.

  1. Accessories holder

Use the sock to hold your accessories in place when you are traveling. This will also help you save a lot of space in the bag.

accessories holder

2. fabric softner

To soften laundry without using fabric softener or dryer balls, take a couple of socks, put a tennis ball inside each, knot them, and throw into the dryer before running your next load of laundry.

Using socks as fabric softner

3. Dry umbrella in no time

To keep the water from your wet umbrella dripping everywhere, cover the umbrella using a sock. This will keep places such as your car seat from getting wet.

wet umbrella hack

4. Eyeglass cas

Slip your sunglasses or power glasses inside a sock to keep them from getting scratched.

5. Don’t loose a ball

Save all your sports balls from getting lost. Keep any golf, ping pong, tennis ball or other small balls together inside a sock. This will also prevent the balls from getting dusty.

6. Scrunchie

You can use the sock as scrunchie to tie up your hair in a neat bun. Cut the cuff of the sock to your desired size and shape and you’re good to go.

DIY scrunchie

7. An ice pack you’ll love

Fill a plastic bag with ice and place it inside a sock to make a softer ice pack that you can use for pains that need a cold touch.socks ice pack


8. Soap holder for kids

Since soap can be slippery for small hands, put the bar inside a clean sock and knot it to make it easier for kids to use.

Socks as soap holder

9. Stubborn jars? No probs!

Use a spare sock as a grip holder when opening greasy and oily jars.

10. Make a wristband

Cut off the cuff of the sock and use it as a wristband. Don’t worry if it has a logo of the brand on it. The logo will make the band look much cooler.

11. Clean the corners easily

Wear the sock in your hand, wet it and use it to clean hard to reach places such as between blinds, along moldings and in corners.

How to clean corners easily

12. Pet-friendly

When your pet’s shedding season arrives and you can’t find a brush, put a sock on your hand, wet it, and use to remove excess hair from your cat or dog.

13. Wine bottle decoration

Next time you’re gifting someone a wine bottle, wrap it in a cute sock and tie a ribbon on the neck of the bottle. This will give the bottle a nice cushion to hold.

14. Phone holder

You can cut the cuff or the leg of the sock and use it as an arm band to hold the phone while working out.

phone holder for workout sessions

15. Stuff the stuffed toys

If you have a large sock at your disposal, use it as a holder for delicate items such as lingerie and napkins or use it to store stuffed toys.