3 dexterous ways to style your suit

They say, one of the most prominent clothes in a man’s wardrobe is a suit and we couldn’t agree more. So, we bring you 4 different ways in which you can style a suit.

1. Go basic with a classic crew neck tee:

A suit with a t-shirt is a bonafied combo. Wear it to work, to a club or to a date, it is a go-to style for an impressive look. Ditch the V-neck and go with round neck tee that chimes with your suit.

Suit with a classic crew neck tee

2. Cover yourself in black:

This is perfect for a slick and sophisticated look. From head-to-toe, cover yourself in black.Whatever you layer under your blazer, be it shirt or t-shirt, ensure it does not appear to be faded. Wear the darkest shades of black. Match the outfit with black accessories such as watch or a broach.

Full black suit

3. Mix and match:

Combining a suit blazer with trousers from different suits gives you endless options to mix and match, resulting in a different look every time. Pair your plain jacket with plaid trousers or consider red pants with a navy blue blazer or create your own style quotient.


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