5 Creative Ways To Repurpose A Wedding Outfit

Your wedding dress is something which makes you look absolutely flawless on your special day but you often don’t find a suitable occasion to wear it again. The apparel may be too loud for some other function or probably your friends and cousins have already seen you in that.

Here are some creative ways to reuse your wedding lehenga or gown which will make you outfit look more unique, stylish and graceful.

1. You can convert your lehenga dupatta into a fashionable embroidered blouse or a nice long cape that will surely give you a chance to slay in style in all occasions.

cape blouse

2. You can also style your lehenga in a different way. You can turn it into an anarkali suit or wear it with a long denim jacket to give it a new and unique look!

lehenga to anarkali

3. If you have a lace gown then you can cut the lacy parts and use them to cover a photo album. This will make your wedding album look even more special.

lace photo album out of lace gown

4. Make a classy tote bag with the parts of the gown like laces, beads and sequins. Pair the lovely purse with your outfit that will surely make the heads turn when you walk by!

Tote Bag

5. You can even use the laces and sequins to make Christmas accessories such as stockings, ribbons to hang the ornaments, tree skirts, etc. Now that will surely make the festive season more exciting and your kids will just love it!

Lace Christmas accessories

So, now you know there is no need to worry if your wedding attire is taking quite a space in the wardrobe without much use. Just reuse them in different forms and have fun! To get them Dry-Cleaned, click here.