5 Hacks to Keep Your Clothes Like New!

Appearance matters a lot in varied situations. Who doesn’t want to present themselves in their very best? It’s all correlated. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you do good.

Other than your looks, your dress sense reflects a lot about your overall personality. So, it is important to dress well not just for a special occasion but on a daily basis, be it for work or for an interview. But how to make sure you nail it every time?

Read on..

Button and zip: Before dumping your clothes in the washing machine, spend some time to button and zip up your clothes in order to prevent them from getting tangled with each other.



Make sure you use a fabric softener: Inclusion of a fabric softener in your laundry routine is a must to keep your clothes just as beautiful it was.


Protect with a pillowcase: Use a pillowcase to protect your delicate clothes from being squashed and torn in the huge pile of clothes.



Wash inside out: Wash your pants inside out, especially your denims or dark coloured formals to prevent them from fading.



Enhance the fragrance: Add fragrance booster before putting your clothes in the machine, to make them smelling amazing.



Happy washing!

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Team LaundroKart