What is Roll Polishing?

Roll polishing is a unique laundry service that aims to restore and preserve the inherent brightness and shine of the fabric, without affecting its durability and natural beauty. It is a process of starching, polishing and rolling all kinds of silk, cotton, fancy, designer and handwork embroidered sarees. It can also be done for half sarees, skirt blouses, shawls, light carpets, curtains and drapes. Roll polishing revives the look of the fabric, making it smooth and lustrous.

Roll polish service

Benefits of opting Roll Polishing Service at LaundroKart :

We are able to deliver unparalleled range of roll polishing services to our customers because of our experience and team. Here are some reasons to book your Roll Polishing Service at Laundrokart.

  • Fresh and crisp finish to the clothes is guaranteed, retaining its originality.
  • Abrasives used are tested in advance, ensuring high quality.
  • Hygienic environment using the best machinery.
  • Not a burden on your wallet with home pick-up and delivery option

So, look no further if you want to renew your old, expensive zari sarees or when your rich, favorite suits start to fade.

Zari sarees

How to book a Roll Polishing Service at LaundroKart?

1) Login to our App or Website

2) Choose the ‘Dry-Cleaning Service’ under ‘Select Service’ option.

3) Enter details and mention ‘Roll Polishing Service’ in the remarks section.

Once the order is placed, our customer executives will pick-up your clothes from your house. Depending upon the delivery option you choose (regular or express), your clothes will be delivered back to you in one to three days.


Roll Polishing for each individual item starts from Rs.80 only.