5 thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts

Mother’s day is just TWO DAYS AWAY! On this special day we can show our appreciation to the real superheros of our lives. They have always been there for us since the day we were born. Moms deserve the best. So, here are some thoughtful Mother’s Day presents that will surely win her heart;

Rejuvenation with a nice spa:
Every mom needs to relax once a while, so what better than a spa? A spa keeps one’s mind, body and soul in harmony. So, take her to a nice spa and let her enjoy that me-time she deserves.

relaxing with spa

Her life in a short video:
How about taking her back to the beginning of her life? This shall not be hard to do! Just collect all her past memories like her childhood photos, school days, time she got married and so on until date. Show her how special she is with a short slideshow video, that she will surely love!

mother's life

Freedom from laundry:
Of all the household chores, washing clothes is the worst of all. So, take a step forward, relieve her form the laundry errands forever! Choose LaundroKart and help your mom unwind herself. We are giving out a 25% DISCOUNT on all the dry cleaning services, so make the most of it! Use the code MOTHERSDAY to avail the offer.

LaundroKart mother's day offer

Bring her passion to life:
Ask yourself how much do you know about your mom? What are her likes and dislikes, most important of all, what is she passionate about or her dream? I’m sure most of you wouldn’t know! But never mind, its time to find out and make her dream come true. She might be hesitant at first, but its upon you to convince her and make her believe in herself!

mother's dream

Dedicate the whole day to her:
Even a few minutes of nice talk with your mom can cheer her up instantly. If you’ve been away from her for a long time, you could just show up at her place and surprise her with your presence. There is nothing priceless than seeing her smile. Anything that brings her a bit of inner peace will totally fill her with joy.

surprise mom

So, celebrate this mother’s day with these thoughtful and creative gifts that she’ll always cherish!