7 Things You Should Thank Your Dad For This Father’s Day

Father’s day is the perfect time to celebrate the man who inspires you in many ways. He has watched you grow, has been there for you through thick and thin and has always given his best to see YOU happy. He is our super hero and goofball all wrapped up in one.

So, here are some things you must thank your dad for;

Read on…

  1. Thank him for all the life advice, even the stuff you didn’t ask for.

2. Being your personal ATM whenever you needed some money.

3. Saying yes to whatever mom said no to.

4. Thank him for going that extra mile to give you all the happiness you needed.

5. Thank him for taking care of laundry even if it meant sending it to a laundry service online.

6. For always answering the phone and coming to your rescue no matter how late it is.

7. Thank him for protecting, understanding, caring and loving you.

We wish all the Dads out there, A VERY HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. You are a true super-hero!