Ever wondered how your family or friends would react if dressed up in as a gruesome character from a horror movie? Ignoring the holy aspects of this day, every show we have seen includes fancy costumes, lots of partying, wild trick-or-treating and the all time favourite- zombie pranks. Despite the commercialized Halloween culture beginning to catch up in India and a few Halloween themed parties making the rounds, this is probably what will actually happen if you go around your neighborhood celebrating Halloween.

1. Who’s that in the news?
Can you imagine all the reactions you would be getting while walking up to Pinky aunty’s house dressed up as a zombie bride and asking for chocolates? Not only will you get weird stares, there are high chances you’ll also get chased by a mob or see yourself on a news channel with the tag, “Ghost sighting causes traffic jam.” It’s safe to say that it will be the end of your social life. The lack of knowledge about Halloween will render you a lunatic.

2. Your friends might or might not recognize your costume idea
This is a tough choice you will face- whether to dress as a popular Western character or celebrity, or to pick an Indian one. Either way, few people will end up recognising your get up and you will have to spend more time explaining who you are and what the date 31st October signifies.

3. Aren’t you are a little old for a fancy dress competition?
This one is definite. The first person you see will probably ask, “Kya beta, kuch fancy dress competition hai kya?” All you can do is smile and explain the whole custom of Halloween once again from scratch.

4. Options? What options?
While there is an entire industry catering to Halloween outfits in the West, you will be lucky if you can find a decent, recognisable costume in a local costume rent store. Forget the cute kitten outfits, or Regina George’s famous bunny one from Mean Girls. You’ll end up drowning in layers of shapeless black fabric, with more funny than scary masks. If you decide to work on creating your own outfit, good luck…maybe you won’t have to beg mom to stitch the front, back and sides of your store bought “costume”.

5. When your father sees it..
If you did decide to go with the quintessential outfit- A nice shiny,tiny number that makes you feel great while also being sufficiently recognisable at the party later at night, you are in for trouble. Serious trouble. Can you imagine the look on your dad’s face when you decide to be a “hot leopard”? All the best trying to explain this one to him.

6. How about decorating the house?
You have spent hours turning your house into the stuff of nightmares. Fake cobwebs, painted crypts, thunder and lightning effects. Your house is as terrifying as it gets. Never mind if your whole family is painfully tolerating this venture of yours, hoping that the madness would end soon. At this point, all that your parents are hoping for is that no relative of yours comes walking in through the front door.

7. “No, no, no… I am not trying to sell you anything!”
So you managed to reach the neighbours house safely, with minimum stares. The basket in your hand which is still devoid of chocolates motivates you to ring the doorbell with a lot of unsurety. A minute later, the door opens and you are greeted with an irritated “What?”
You begin to say “

Happy Halloween!” but you get cut off in seconds.
“Thank you, but we bought it last week! Bye.”
What? Wait… I’m not selling any-
“Yes, yes, thanks… I will buy it next year.”

8. Let’s just settle for some biryani instead of candy, shall we?
Finally, a warm smile greets you, followed by “Oh you’re dressed for Halloween!” Thank god for your friendly neighbors. You get called in, but with no chocolates or treats ready at hand, it’s most likely that you will end up having some delicious biryani for dinner and wind up your Halloween night right there.

A whole range of other possibilities exist, depending on where you live, how old you are, how crazy your neighbours are… but don’t lose hope just yet. India has great adaptability and who knows, you might just end up having the best Halloween ever!


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