8 Easy & Creative Napkin Folding Techniques To Transform Your Dining Table

Napkin folding is a simple art that can make a big impression of you on your guests. Be it a formal party, a date or a family gathering, it can add colours to the party and transform your dining table into something magical.

Here are some very intricate looking yet super-easy-to-make napkin folding origami ideas that are just perfect for any party.


1. The tie fold:

The tie fold napkin marks for a perfect gesture for any kind of formal party at home weather it involves your boss or your colleagues. It’s actually simpler than tying a tie itself.

Tie napkin fold

2. Sushi napkin:

Want to order some Japanese tonight? How about you set in that Japanese feel with a sushi napkin. All you need to do is roll around the napkin and you’re sushi night is all set.

sushi napkin fold

3. Heart shaped napkin:

Planning a dinner date at home for your loved one? Win your partner’s heart with this heart shaped napkin. Have a look with this stepwise guide.

Heart shaped napkin fold

4. Single pocket fold napkin:

Best for any family gathering. All it takes is a minute to make and it is as effortless as folding the napkin normally.

single pocket fold napkin

5. Envelope napkin:

Want to convey a message to someone? What other creative way than an envelope napkin. Here’s how you do it!

Envelope napkin fold

6. The pinwheel napkin:

The pinwheel napkin looks like a fun fold that looks fantastic on a table setting. You need to spare 3-5 minutes for this as you might not get it perfectly right in the first try. Here is a step by step guide to the pinwheel fold.

pinwheel fold

7. The french pleat napkin:

The french pleat is an easy way to organize the cutlery in a neat format.

French pleat napkin fold

8. Diamond arrow:

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So why not bring them to your dining table. Here’s how you make a Diamond arrow.

diamond napkin fold

BTW, just in case you were wondering, we even launder your napkins. Yeah! You can thank us later. Now, go and have a fun time impressing your guests.