8 Stain Removing Laundry Hacks You Should Know

Laundry is an inevitable part of our lives. You work your ass off to have an awesome wardrobe collection but no matter what, your clothes are prone to troublesome stains. You can’t be held responsible if you accidentally cut our finger or knock over a glass of red wine at a party. It doesn’t imply that those stains are irremovable.

Well, taking your worries into consideration, we have listed 8 stain removing laundry secrets for you to check out and apply whenever required. You can fight all kinds of blotch and patch with items you possibly find around the house. Just ensure to do a small patch test to see if there is any adverse reaction with your fabric:


Stain Hack 1:


Get rid of those irremovable lipstick stains using this simple trick!


Stain Hack 2:


Did you get an ink stain on your favorite shirt or dress? Don’t worry! Just use this cool hack to remove it.


Stain Hack 3:


Need to remove a red wine stain from your favourite dress? Just dab it with it’s counterpart!


Stain Hack 4:


Wondering how to remove blood stains? Just try this neat trick…


Stain Hack 5:


Stuck with a stubborn sweat patch? Try this easy solution…


Stain Hack 6:


Coffee stains are undeniable as the morning’s arrival! Just learn this simple tip to get rid of those annoying stains…


Stain Hack 7:


Got carried away while deep frying those french fries? Treat the oil patch with the above mentioned hack…


Stain Hack 8:


Wondering how to get rid of those embarrassing deodorant blotches? Well, that’s simple!

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Team LaundroKart