Common mistakes made while washing clothes

Listed here are few of the common mistakes we all make while washing our clothes. We often use too much detergent or overload the washer too much or use the wrong temperature setting that ends up wearing out our clothes a bit too soon. So, here are few tips you can use to avoid having a bad laundry day.


  1. Rubbing stains furiously;

Rubbing stains intensely can make the stain worse and possibly wear away the fabric. So instead, be gentle and methodical. The stain is best treated earlier than later, preferably as soon as you even get the stain, for the best results. The lesser the time that elapses, the more success you will have!




  1. Using excessive detergent;

It’s a myth that more the foam, more is the cleaning! Too much foam formation can hold dust pulled from clothes and get caught in areas that won’t rinse clean, like under a collar leading to a bacteria build up. Overzealous usage of detergent will also wear out your washing machine quicker.



  1. Washing it too hot;

You should never wash your clothes on the highest setting as this will wear your clothes out quickly causing them to shrink as well. As a general rule of the thumb, a 40 degree cycle will be suitable for 90% of your laundry needs like daily T-shirts, shirts, sweats, jeans, undergarments, etc.



  1. Too much tumble-drying;

It’s ok if you want to dry your damp clothes as quick as possible once in a while, but doing it too often could mean that your garments are at risk of getting damaged easily. Be sure to read the care label behind your clothes and tumble-dry the garment accordingly at the suggested temperature.



  1. Forgetting to empty pockets;

Always remember to check your pockets while piling up the laundry. Who knows, you could find that lost ring of yours or even a few rupee notes. There is no better feeling than retrieving lost things especially those found in your pockets after weeks of searching everywhere else.



  1. Unbutton that shirt;

It is always a good idea to unbutton your clothes especially shirts before washing to reduce the stress of washing on the material around the button and buttonholes. Surely, you can make some time to unbutton your garments before tossing them into the washer.


  1. Washing denims on a regular basis;

Washing denims on a regular basis will cause your jeans to lose their natural colour and texture. So it is probably a good idea that you wear your jeans as often as possible before giving it a wash. Instead what you should be doing is hanging them up as soon as you remove them and if you see any spots, you can clean them immediately with a wet cloth and some soap.


So, if you want your favourite clothes to be free from all damages and want them to last longer, then these are a few tips you can use everyday. So, happy washing everyone and let your clothes do the talking!


giphy Cindy