Fashion essentials for working women!!

We all have a few essentials in our wardrobe we cannot live without. But if we had to list them out, this is what it should look like. With these attires, you could be ready for work in a matter of seconds and feel fabulous the entire day. So, here are the modern and urban looks you can pull off anytime- anywhere;

1) The Modern Woman : You can never be overdressed or over educated – so don’t think twice about that expensive coat you have been looking at in the front of your favorite store. Just walk in, swipe your card and buy it. This decision of yours is going to be worth every rupee. Here’s what you can pair it up with;

Slim fit jeans: Elegant, easy, sleek and comfortable. There is no other alternative to a pair of denim jeans.

Brown suede coat : You could go for a more versatile one with soft texture or go for different shades of brown- nude, dark or light, which you can carry out; no matter what the occasion.

A classic tote bag : This would be the masterpiece to your wardrobe collection. Depending on your personality, you could have different colors but there is nothing that beats neutral colors. They are handy and give you a very classy look.

Casual Shoes : Shoes can never fail you when it comes to fashion and comfort. Whether you wear a dress, a skirt or ripped jeans, you can pair these navy blue shoes with every style.

2) The more urban look : Want to look smart and successful? Then, this is just the look for you. Whether you are in your early 20’s or late 30’s, this dressing style makes you look flawless.

The black dress: There is no doubt that every girl has one of these and there is a pretty good reason for this. It gives you a look of elegance and importance.

Blazer : unrestrained for office work, extravagance but indeed a must for all professional woman. Easy to carry out your statement and it speaks volumes about what you are made of.

Satchel : They are rather small in size and more feminine. It gives you a more casual look while helping you keep your belongings safe. Whether you like them buckled, chain, plain or textured, is entirely up to you.

Feminine lace blouse : Whether it is a Monday or a Thursday, it really doesn’t matter. This will give you a very refreshing look with or without any make up.

Pencil skirt : Versatile, easy and most comfortable; this pencil skirt gives you a defining style.

The Oxford Shoe : Unlike most other shoes, this shoe style has it’s own lacing which is what makes it stand out from the rest. While it is easy to slip into, it completes your professional look.
These are your fashion essentials when it comes to work, women. Wear them in style and be a trend-setter. After all, it’s about the statement you make. So make every inch of it count!

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