Get your kids involved in constructive cultural Ganesh Chaturthi activities this week!!

Kids love helping out in their own little ways and if you find ways to channelize that in cultural festivities in the house, there’s nothing better!
Want to give your kid an opportunity to do something they will love this Ganesha Chaturthi?

Here are some ideas that can follow to make this Ganesha Chaturthi all the more festive and special for your family:

Make an eco-friendly clay Ganesha idol

There are a lot of clay modeling workshops that you can look to join in the city. Enroll your kid and yourself in one of these classes and bring back an eco-friendly Ganesha idol of your own – that is hand made! You can also build a pandal for the idol with simple things available at your home – you can use colorful clothes that are lying around, sticks or iron frames, small tables, fairy lights, strings of flowers and other interesting yet colorful craft papers, thermocol, etc.


Decorate the Puja room like never before!

Go for the easily removable Faber Castle water colours to draw the outlines of the rangoli on the marble floors and ask your kid to fill in with appealing colours. You can also decorate the Puja room or platform with colourful flowers and leaves especially used for puja. Line up silk screens against the wall and put up vertical lights to make the ambience more lively; without ever failing to get your kid involved.


Make some special Puja delicacies!

Make some unique sweet dishes or prepare traditional cuisine like modaks or steamed sweets, coconut laddoos, puran poli, shrikhand, karanji, lemon rice and several others. Ganesh Chaturthi is surely incomplete without modak which is prepared with rice flour, coconut and jaggery. Your kid could help in simple things like crushing cashews, garnishing the kheer, etc.


Sing and make merry with your kids!

Sing the Puja bhajans, repetitive chants, mantra and aarti songs in praise of the deity.
In the process, your child will discover his/her ability to sing in their own cute and funny way. Never stop encouraging!


Visit close-by Puja pandals!

Visit a local puja pandal with your kid where there are huge Ganesha idols. The idols are so colourful, full of divinity and the pandals are bustling with activity. You can also take your kid to see the idol immersion which would be a different and an enlightening experience.


Do craft activities at home or make cards

You can buy Ganesha craft kits that come packed with things you need for a craft activity. You can use clay or a play dough to make a Ganesha artwork with acrylic colours and glitter glue.

You can even buy a card making kit and teach your kid to make interesting Ganesh Chaturthi cards for your family and friends.


Happy Ganesh Chathurthi everyone!

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