How to clean those cuddly soft toys

As a child, we’ve all had our own favorite stuffed toy. Whether it was a giant teddy bear or a huge dinosaur, they’ve been a perfect companion in our best and worst times. Some of us still adore them while the rest settle to leave them with the kids. Either ways, you don’t really consider cleaning them, do you?

Little do you know, these stuff toys need to be cleaned too. Whether the toy has that night-time drool or a sticky jam from sharing breakfast, we’ve got tips that will clean them all. Read on to know more…

1. Using a washing machine

Read the label:

To machine wash your stuffed toys, read the label on the toy to ensure you can machine wash it. If the toy does not come with a label, here’s what you need to check before a machine wash. Do not wash if;

a) Your toy comes with a music box inside

b) Some parts are broken

c) Items like plastic eyes and nose and glued to the toy

d) Toy has delicate clothing that can tear off easily

e) The toys is very old and too fragile to handle

read the label on soft toy

To start washing them in the machine, make sure your machine does not have an agitator. Machines with agitators tend to ball up the toy and displace the batting. It can cause damage to both your soft toy as well as the machine.

Use a mesh bag

Place the toy in a mesh bag to protect it from snagging and jostling.


Gentle and delicate cycle

Even a normal wash can get harsh on the toy. So, to be safe use a gentle and delicate cycle. Use warm or cold water as hot water can cause the glued pieces to fall off.


2. Washing by hand

Fill the sink with water

You can also use a large container or a bucket to clean the toy. Mix some detergent and water as you normally do and stir it until the water becomes soapy.


Washing the toy:

Fully immerse the toy inside the soapy water. Gently clean the toy by rubbing it. You can also apply soap on the stained area if the stain is too hard to come off just by rubbing.


Rinse thoroughly:

Rinse the soap off the toy under cold running water. Don’t twist the toy to squeeze the water out. Press it between old napkins or towels to squeeze the water out.


Let it dry:

Air dry it but don’t place it under direct sunlight as it can discolor the toy. Re-fluff and re-shape the toy before drying to retain the shape. Ensure both the inside and the outside of the toy is dry before re-using it.


If you still have trouble cleaning them, call LaundroKart to your rescue! LaundroKart will get your soft toys cleaned with utmost care and love and deliver it back to you- all fluffy and ready-to-cuddle.