How to make a kite in 5 minutes

Flying a kite a great way to spend a windy day outside and when its a special occasion such as sankranthi, it becomes mandatory to fly one. So, instead of going out and buying one, you can easily make one at home with few basic materials in 5-minutes. Here’s how to do it;

Things you need:

Craft paper






Two straws

Hand punch


1. Place the straws into a Christian cross shape and secure them well in the center using a tape or glue or both.

2. Use the hand punch and create 4 holes in the ends of the straws.

3. Insert a twine thread into the holes of each straw and make a tight knot once all ends are connected forming a diagonal shape.

4. Now, place this on top of a craft paper and draw the outline with seam allowance of 1-inch.

5. Fold the excess paper on to the twines. Decorate it with a fancy tape.

6. Secure the straw in place using bits of tapes.

7. To attach the flying string, punch holes through the sides of the straws at each end, approximately 2 inch in.

8. Insert the 2 feet of twine through the top and bottom holes. Tie at both ends, allowing for slack.

9. Tie a horizontal string at both ends to connect them together.

10. Tie a few ribbon at the bottom of the frame to create a tail and you’re kite is ready to fly.

11. Decorate the kite as you like and get competing with your neighbors.

Happy Sankranthi!