How to organize your wardrobe essentials in 5 easy ways

Messy closets are always troublesome. We all know the struggle of getting the wardrobe all set and dying half way to get that done. Lets agree, its exhausting! And boring! Not everything in life comes easy and fun they say, but had they come across LaundroKart, they would know you can always make things easier in life, at least organizing your closet and getting rid of laundry errands, if not!

We, at LaundroKart, understand each of you and so, we’ve pulled together 6 easy ways to help you organize all of your wardrobe essentials.

1. Clothes
There are 2 types of people in this world. Those who iron clothes as and when they put them on and those who iron all at once and store them. So, if you belong to the first category, it’s a bit more easier for y’all. You need to fold your clothes as you do normally. Now, place them horizontally or vertically in the clothes corner and its done!

folded clothes 1

If you belong to the second category, you will need tit-bits to complete this task! Coming to the organizing part, firstly, separate your clothes into ironed & dry-cleaned and non-ironed clothes. Now, fold the non-ironed clothes and hang the ironed & dry-cleaned once above the folded ones. This method will make the wardrobe look tidy, instead of  just folding all of them and piling them up.

clothes in hanger 2

2. Lingerie
Use the drawer in the wardrobe. Divide the drawer into 3 parts. One rectangle, one semi-rectangle and the other square.
Girls- use the rectangle part for bras, the semi-rectangle for undies and the square one for camisoles and tights.

lingerie in drawer 3

Boys- use the rectangle part for undies, the semi rectangle for vests and square one for hankies.

mens innerwear organizing 4

3. Accessories
Typically, every wardrobe has at least 2 drawers. Use the second one for organizing your accessories like watch, ties, bracelets, earrings etc. The most common mistake that people do is store accessories in boxes and stuff the boxes in drawers. The correct way to organize accessories is to again apply the ‘divide and use’ formula. Here, you can make as many divisions and any size, depending upon the total number of accessories. This will also make your wardrobe colorful and make things easily accessible.

accessories 5

4. Footwear
This is the easiest of all! All you have to do is line up all your footwear and socks side-by-side. Do this and you will never need a shoe rack. Also, this will help you style yourself better, especially when you’re running late!

shoes in wardrobe 6

5. Extras
If at all, there’s any more room left for anything extra, you can place your handbags and the like-stuff that you need to add to your wardrobe. If not, use the empty space to dump your dirty clothes that needs to be laundered, so that, next time you will not have to mess around the wardrobe when you plan to do the laundry(yourself or outsource it!).

bags 7