Know more about Dry Cleaning Service at LaundroKart

To begin with, what is Dry Cleaning?

Dry Cleaning is a type of cleaning that involves the use of solvents other than water. The solvents can be chemicals such as Tetracholoroethane, Tricholoroethane or Petroleum spirits. Typically, Dry Cleaning is recommended for delicate fabrics that cannot undergo water treatment without being badly damaged.

What are the benefits of sending your clothes for Dry Cleaning?

  • The best treatment available to clothes. The luxury spa for your clothes!
  • Less damage to the clothes
  • Dry Cleaning dissolves difficult stains from the clothes such as grease and oil stains and much more
  • Prevents shrinkage, loss of colour and change of texture of the clothes.
    Faster than normal laundry and hence, saves time

Okay, so why choose LaundroKart for Dry Cleaning your clothes?

We at LaundroKart, are India’s only 5-star laundry service, we know how to treat your clothes with gentle care. Our expert team takes pride in their professional approach to laundering all the brilliant clothes you have in your wardrobe

  • We use greener products which are less abrasive on your clothes.
  • We use top-end machines from Dexter
  • We have our own customized process to ensure we take best care of your clothes
  • Last but surely not the least, we are well priced and you don’t’ have to spend on dry cleaning as much as you do on a new shirt

How are we priced?

We start from 70 rupees per shirt. If you really want to know more, click here to know.

You like the regular laundry service? You have been using it for some time? So why should you switch from regular laundry to Dry Cleaning?

  • Regular Laundry offers mainly wash and fold whereas Dry Cleaning service involves special treatment to the clothes along with pressing
  • Tough stains may or may not always be removed in Regular Laundry whereas, Dry Cleaning removes almost all the difficult stains such as grease and oil stains
  • There are chances of colour bleeding occurring which can be reduced or avoided with Dry Cleaning

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We really hope you will use or dry cleaning services and really find the difference!