Let’s re-live those memorable moments with our dearest brother

Raksha Bandhan is always special! This is the one time during the year where you can celebrate that beautiful bond of sibling-ship. It’s more of a treat for us girls as we get to empty out our brother’s pocket in lieu of that glittering rakhi we tie so lovingly around his wrist!
From the constant squabbles to the most heart-warming instances, let’s have a look at all those moments we have shared together. Let’s see how many of you are left laughing or with tears of joy in our eyes.

1)This has always been a lil’ annoying but you know how elder brothers get sometimes with their badly timed jokes.

2)But, they more then make up for it when they get you that gift you have been waiting so desperately for. All you need to do is ask.

3)And how about that free money you get every once in a while? Ohh! All the shopping you could do and the ice-cream you could eat!

4)The eternal fight for the TV remote!

5)And if you are the little sister, you end up doing this every night while your brother quietly gets away with his crazy night of partying!

6)Hmmm…. How about giving each a word of advise?

7)In spite of the most expensive dresses in your wardrobe, you always fail to keep yourself warm. What’s the point? You always have your brothers big jacket to borrow.

8)And no matter how good you know you look, let’s just ask him what he thinks anyway? Just to get a very phlegmatic reply.

9)You would never like who they date but let’s try issuing a warning.

10)You wouldn’t tell it on the face, but you can’t live without each other.

Whether it is your mum waiting for him or you secretly missing him, only you will know. No bond is stronger than that of a brother and sister’s. So, cherish it and let’s try not being mean to each other. At least for this one day.
Happy Raksha Bandhan everyone!


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