Spooky couple costumes you must try this Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner and putting together the right outfit is the key to having the perfect party. Be it a gruesome character from a horror movie, a witch, or a wizard, Halloween is the time to embrace your evil side. But, if you’ve plainly run out of ideas for what to look like? Then we’ve got a few costume tips and tricks that you and your partner can try to wear this scary season. Have a look.

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Harley Quinn and Joker:

This is what happens when being bad, feels and looks so good!

For the girls, gather all accessories needed including the crop tee and shorts. You can even paint or stick shiny glossy paper on to your everyday shorts. For the guys, concentrate more on the hair and the makeup. Paint yourself white and scribble some of the tattoos on to your chest and stomach and color your hair green. For the clothes, pick up a pant and a jacket that is closer to Joker’s look. With this show-stopper look, no one can stop you from stealing the show.

halloween couple costumes

Jack and Sally:

You guys will be the spookiest couples at the party.

Girls, just sew together cloth patches of different colors to make the rag-doll dress and draw on Sally’s Makeup. Guys, all you need to do is put on a striped suit. Cover your head neatly with a white scarf or any white swim cap. Get your makeup done right and you’re ready to win the award for the spookiest couple.

couple halloween costume

Walking dead:

You can pretty much pick any of the characters you like or be the dead. Acting dead is the easiest. Girls and guys, pick up the most shredded, dirtiest and blood (fake) stained clothes and put them on. Now groan at every passerby and you’re pretty much set to scare the wits out of everyone.

the walking dead Halloween costume

Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein:

Guys, you can wear a t-shirt and a blazer and pair of matching pants. Girls, drape yourself in one of your gowns with long sleeves and neck covered (for an alternative, you can wear a full sleeve white t-shirt and then put on the off-white color prom dress). For the makeup, both partners paint one or two stitch marks on your face with a little bit of makeup here and there.

Addams Family:

Guys, you just need to suit up neat and keep a sturdy look on your face. A tad bit of makeup will also do. Girls, put on a full black mermaid gown, partition your hair from the middle to two halves. Put on white makeup with dark colored lipstick and get ready to rock the hottest scariest couple look.

couple halloween costume

Black Widow and Tony Stark:

Perfect badass look for all Marvel fans.

Boys, put on a t-shirt with the Iron Man Logo stuck on to the t-shirt. Girls, cover yourself in black. Pick up a black zipper jacket, skin tight black jeans and a black belt along with the logo on your arm to complete the look. Go and make a badass statement at the party.

Halloween couple costume

Soap and loofah:

Make a clean statement in this costume.

Grab a big piece of cardboard and cover it with paper sheets. Write down SOAP on it and stick it to your shirt. Make sure it covers up your shorts. Girls, get an old shirt, some netting and safety pins. Pin the netting to the shirt using safety pins until you’re satisfied, and ta-da! You’re ready to rock in the loofah costume!

couple halloween costume

So, get out there and have super awesome and super scary Halloween!

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