The right way to wash your swimsuit

Now that summer is here, it’s the perfect time to dive into a pool nearby or drive to a  beach for a holiday. Which means taking out your swim suit and giving them a new life again. But, making the swim suits last all summer and beyond lies in your laundering techniques. So, in order to protect the suit from stretching, fading and getting grimy, here are a few tips on washing your swimsuit the right way.

1. Rinse with water ASAP:
rinse the swimsuit with water 1
Weather swimming or merely sunbathing, as soon as the relaxing session is over, rinse the bathing suit with plain water. Salt water and chemicals like chlorine and sun screen can damage the suit causing wear and tear. To prevent this, rinse the suit ASAP under running cold water.

2. Hand wash after that:
hand washing the swimsuit 2
Swim suits should best be hand washed as the fibres are very delicate for the machine to handle. Soak the suit for 15-30 minutes in detergent water and thoroughly clean the suit with a mild soap.

3. Machine wash(for those who do not prefer hand wash):
machine washing the swimsuit 3
Hand wash is mostly recommend, but if you cannot then, put the swim suit in a laundry mesh bag and machine wash it on a gentle cycle. This will protect the suit from stretching and keep the fabric away from getting picked.

4. Dry off:
drying the swimsuit 4
Resist the urge to wring the suit until the last drop of water. This will only cause break down of the material and loosen the fabric. Slightly    squeeze the suit and remove excess water form it. Hang the suit on the hanger and let it drip dry. Keep it away from direct sunlight and dry the suit indoors.

Use these techniques to take care of your swim suit and have a chilled out summer!
chilling at the beach 5