This Independence day wear your pride with hand-made khadi

Let’s take a deeper look into India’s history and how Khadi has been an important aspect of our country’s history. Khadi is a coarse cotton fabric, traditionally handspun on the charkha and handwoven on home-based looms. The fabric became a symbol of self-reliance, equality, economic and political betterment during the independence era and was used by Gandhi as a tool to get rid of the British practice of dumping cheap and mass produced garments in India.
Through spinning, weaving and wearing their own Khadi, Gandhi saw a way out of poverty and oppression and a path to Swaraj. Weaving self-made garments assured people of better products that could last longer.

The popularity of Khadi was evoked then and has since been widely accepted in the Indian fashion circle. Even famous designers have not stepped back from taking Khadi to the ramps by launching a Khadi line of outfits. The Khadi fabric attracts all classes of people with its unique charm and classy finish! If you are an eco-conscious consumer, then this would be your best choice of fabric as it consumes no fossil fuel.
It also consumes significantly less water than is used in mills for bailing, ginning, washing and processing of the cotton. Dyed with mostly natural pigments, it is also less polluting and safer than conventional cotton textiles.

A good section of folks loves to experiment with and wear stylish, well-designed Khadi clothes and consider it to be an exclusive style statement. Khadi garments can be styled differently using catchy designs.
The various apparel designs in Khadi include shirts, high-waisted trousers, peplum khadi tops and crop tops, summery dresses, jackets, layered tunics, classic kurtas and others- all available in the most trendiest of styles! Such a collection of unique looking garments never fails to grab attention and what better of doing it than with a sense of pride and patriotism!
So, be a true patriot and celebrate this Independence day the Khadi way. Try these classic Khadi designs to show gratitude to our Bapu- Monhandas Karamchand Gandhi!


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