Tips to remove period stains effortlessly!

Stained pants are an inevitable part of having periods. TBH, periods stains are no big deal, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t frustrating! Especially when your favorite pants are stained or any of your bottoms for that matter.

These stains can be very hard to remove and cleaning them can be one hell of a task (you might actually consider throwing them away). But there are ways in which you can get these stains off effortlessly!

Here are some of solutions that will help you salvage your fave pants, once and for all.

  1. For fresh stains

The best way to treat blood stain is to treat it immediately. Place the fabric, targeting the stained area, under cold running water and rub the fabric against itself. Do it until you feel the blood has come off. Wash normally using detergent or a soap and air dry the same.

wash the fresh blood stains

  1. For light colored clothes

Hydrogen peroxide by far is considered to be the best blood stain remover but, the strong chemical compound makes it usable only on light colored clothes.

Dab hydrogen peroxide using a cotton ball directly on the spot and let it sit for about  15-30 minutes. Rinse off as usual in your washing machine. Air dry it. With few washes, the stain shall be gone completely, but make sure to only use this method for light colored garments that you don’t mind fading away!

hydrogen peroxide uses

  1. For dark colored clothes

Use salt instead of hydrogen peroxide. Follow the same steps as for H2O2 until the desired result is obtained.

use salt to remove blood stains

  1. For dried blood

Soak the pants in cold water for an hour or so. Meanwhile, mix unseasoned meat tenderizer and water in equal ratio. Take off the stained pant from the water and spread the paste on the stained area. Scrape the paste once dry and wash cold.

meat tenderizer to remove stains


a) Do not use hot water to wash blood stains on clothes. Hot water will permanently set the stains.

b) Do not use dryer until you are satisfied with the results. The heat from the dryer can create blood stain patches that may take forever to vanish.

c) Always air dry the clothes after the first wash.

d) Read the fabric label instructions carefully before using any of the above stated methods.

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