Why You Need to Clean Your Washing Machine and How to Do It

Wasn’t cleaning laundry enough of a chore, you may ask. Well, we agree that laundry can be hard but most of the dirt that comes off your dirty laundry gets stuck in the machine and can make your freshly washed clothes rather smelly and infected.

Here are some other reasons for you to clean your washing machine:
1. Odour
Certain washers can retain water in them and start smelling bad because of the growth of mold. Cleaning your machine will get rid of the mold which can even make your newly washed clothes smell good.

2.  Lime build-up
If you are using hard water to wash your clothes in a machine, it is bound to affect the performance. The machine will start working slower as lime gets built-up in crevices and machinery.

3. Those dirty marks

Water splashing in the machine can cause unsightly marks and stains on the machine and the area above the waterline to become dirty.

Now that you know why your washing machine should be cleaned, it’s time to find out how to do it!
You will need some vinegar, baking soda and a toothbrush. Fill the machine with hot water; add 1 litre of vinegar (or bleach) and one cup of baking soda. Close the lid and turn the machine on for a minute so that the contents can get mixed properly. Turn the machine off, open the lid, and leave it for an hour. Scrub any other dirty parts with a toothbrush.
After an hour, close the lid and turn your machine on its longest wash cycle. Let the cycle complete before draining out the water. Repeat with hot water and the same amount of vinegar to remove any residues. Allow the water to drain after the second cycle and wipe the washer clean with a cloth.
This method will thoroughly clean and disinfect your washing machine and your clothes will now be actually clean when they come out of it.