Your guide to basic wash care symbols

Let’s take a look at how we can take better care of our clothes by understanding what each of these wash care symbols represent. Your clothes need just as much attention as a child would need growing up. Otherwise, one wrong wash could ruin them for life. Here’s all the information you need in taking good care of your clothes and we hope this guide will help you in keeping your clothes in the best condition. All you have to do is pay attention to the following warning symbols and wash or dry clean them accordingly.


Most of these symbols are very easy to understand. For instance, if you want to bleach your clothes, look out for the below symbols.


  1. Bleach
  2. Do not bleach


A triangle means that you can go ahead but a triangle with a cross means you cannot bleach the garment.


If you intend to dry clean your clothes instead of washing them, then make sure you see the circle with no cross. Whereas, a circle with a cross is a ‘NO’ to dry cleaning the garment.


  1. Dry Clean
  2. Do not dry clean


All washing related symbols are depicted by a washtub. Inside this tub, you can see dots which determine what temperature setting you should be using in the machine.


  1. Machine wash normal
  2. Machine Wash Gentle
  3. Machine Wash Cold
  4. Machine Wash Hot


If however, you see the below symbol- do not machine wash the garment as it could get damaged. You will have to get it hand washed.


  1. Hand Wash Luke Warm


Once all the washing is done, drying the garment also needs to be done the right way. All tumble drying icons come in squares with a circle inside. A single dot right in the center means that a machine dryer with a low heat setting can be used.


  1. Do not Tumble Dry
  2. Tumble Dry Low Heat
  3. Tumble Dry Gentle


Ironing is just as important and maintaining the right temperature while doing so is the key here. Whether you should be steam ironing or not, or whether the garment is sensitive to any ironing at all must be taken into consideration.


  1. Do not Iron
  2. Iron Cool Reverse Side
  3. Iron Hot


We at Laundrokart know how much your clothes mean to you and are doing the best we can in helping you with all your laundry related queries. So here’s all the safety precautions that you need in giving your clothes the treatment it deserves.

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