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LaundroKart, Electronic City Phase 2

LaundroKart started off as an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service in 2014 and as of today, we are the most chosen and trusted brand for laundry and dry cleaning.

We have our stores in more than 40, prominent areas of Bengaluru and Electronic City- Phase 2 is one of them!

You will find us at..

Laundrokart, #1260, 1st Floor, Anantha Nagar Main Road, Opposite: Agarwal Bhavan, Electronic City Phase 2, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

We Promise...

  • Premium care for your clothes
  • Easy and hassle-free booking process
  • Eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaning service

We Offer...

  • KG Laundry
  • 5 Star Wash
  • Expert Dry Cleaning

Book Your Service...

  • Walk into the LaundroKart store at Electronic City-Phase 2 and drop off your laundry
  • Call us at 079751 42722 to request for a pick up
  • Schedule your service via the LaundroKart App.

Is sorting clothes important before laundry?

Sorting clothes is an integral part of doing your laundry. It allows you to use different wash cycles (delicate, normal and permanent press) with appropriate temperatures. Sorting clothes also reduces the chances of a garment bleeding into another, when you control the cycle type and water temperature. If you put white T-shirts, lingerie, jeans and towels into the same load, you can experience dye transfer, pilling, snags and holes. So, do make sure to designate separate hampers for whites, dark colours, light colours and dry-clean only items. Then sort them by the type of fabric. Wash the jeans or the lint-producing towels separately from blouses, slacks and underwear. This lets you use the correct water temperature and drying methods. One more thing to bear in mind is clothes that are soiled with ground-in dirt or oil stains, should be cleaned separately. This is important to prevent odour or dirt from transferring.

Laundering starts with proper sorting, then the process moves into folding and ironing after cleaning. So, there are many details to be looked into whenever you launder at home. But if you give your clothing to a professional laundry service provider, they can handle all those details and save your time for more valuable things.

LaundroKart the premium laundry & dry cleaning services in Electronic city phase 2 promises to return your clothes well cleaned, folded, ironed and packed. The best dry cleaners in Electronic city phase 2 also offer you doorstep pick-up and delivery facility for your convenience.

Try the dry cleaning online service at LaundroKart, and experience spotless cleaning by the expert laundry services and the dry cleaners in Electronic city phase 2.