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LaundroKart, J P Nagar

LaundroKart started off as an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service in 2014 and as of today, we are the most chosen and trusted brand for laundry and dry cleaning.

We have our stores in more than 40, prominent areas of Bengaluru and J.P Nagar is one of them!

You will find us at..

MS Ramaiah City Layout, Raghavendra Layout, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Arekere, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076

We Promise...

  • Premium care for your clothes
  • Easy and hassle-free booking process
  • Eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaning service

We Offer...

  • KG Laundry
  • 5 Star Wash
  • Expert Dry Cleaning

Book Your Service...

  • Walk into the LaundroKart store at J.P.Nagar and drop off your laundry
  • Call us at 072599 52786 to request for a pick up
  • Schedule your service via the LaundroKart App.

How to get rid of the pesky deodorant stains

Nothing is worse than seeing some deodorant stains on your favourite top when you go to get ready in the morning. But luckily, there are techniques that help you make your clothes look sleek once again. Try to prevent getting a stain in the first place itself. Wait until the deodorant is fully dry and then put on your attire. This will ensure minimum transfer of it to the cloth.

Another way is, wash your light-colored clothes right after you are done wearing them. This will not let the bacteria in your sweat mix with the ingredients in your antiperspirant to form those pesky stains. In case you fail to follow the above ways, then use some stain-busting products to rid your apparels of the deodorant stains. Those products can be chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach, stain removal liquid or natural products like white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. The natural stain removers are the safest to use as the other products usually contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

In case you are unable to remove the stains completely by the above ways, then avail the professional dry cleaning and laundry services. The dry cleaners in JP Nagar render the best laundry & dry cleaning services in JP Nagar as they pick, impeccably clean and deliver your clothes at your doorstep within the stipulated time.

Place a dry cleaning online order through LaundroKart website or app and try the best laundry service. The best dry cleaners in JP Nagar ensure you get a premium service at your utmost convenience.