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A Passionate Team

Three things you should know about us: We care about your laundry, we are believers of good service and we like to be the best at what we do. We are the one stop solution to all your laundry problems. We pick up laundry from your doorstep, as per your convenience, wash them with expert care and deliver them right back to you; well ironed, neatly packed and looking fresh.

So, say Goodbye to that pile of messy clothes lying in your room. LaundroKart, your helpful neighborhood laundry service is here to help you. Now, let’s meet the people behind the scenes. Here’s our team of professionals and their quirks.

Ravi Raghav

Co Founder & CEO

No IIT, No IIM, but MBA from a University in London. Has built e-commerce companies from scratch, raised money in excess of 3 million USD, bought companies and sold companies. Very humble and nice to talk to.

Loves coffee and good company. Generally a teetotaller, but off late Corona seems to have changed this status!

Quote: In life you never get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate!

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Vineet Patil

Co Founder & Mktg Chief

No IIT, No IIM, A drop out of CAT coaching institute :) can you believe it! And finally an MBA from a nondescript University in Bangalore. After several failed ventures, now handles a revenue centre in excess of 5 million USD.

Loves idli-vada. But otherwise, single malts & craft ales. A typical bengaluru boy.

Quote: Let's go for a beer!

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Arjun Makam

Product Manager
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Amith Ingalagi

creative lead

Preetica Biswas

Content lead

Harish Makam

Search lead

Akhand Raghav

Marketing operations

Karthikeyan D


Lavanya Jain

Social Media


Process operations

Mohamad Yusuf

Order Management Team

Tarun Kumar Reddy

customer Operations

Sai Datta

customer Operations

Shyam Kumar