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A Passionate Team

With us, all your laundry problems are sorted! We keep finding new ways to keep our customers happy – and by ‘we’, it’s over 50 minds.

We are in here in for a long haul, and hell-bent to make Laundrokart a 100 Cr company – with this team, we are almost there!

Let’s take you through our leadership:

Ravi Raghav

Co Founder & Chief Executive

Ravi proves non-IITs & non-IIMs can impact India, Inc too. This humble head has built ecommerce companies from scratch, raised over 3 million USD, bought and sold companies. Coffee or corona, he is ready to spark a conversation with his infectious humility.

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Vineet Patil

Co Founder & Chief Marketing

When every MBA eyes for that corner room, this bad-ass boss fights alongside his team. He prides his no-fire ventures as learnings and now every solution he reels off is a sure-fire. A connoisseur of single malts, this Bengaluru boy handles revenue centres over 5 million USD.

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Our credo:

1. Care about our customers

2. Aim to be the best

3. Improvise, improvise

Arjun Makam

Product Manager
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Amith Ingalagi

creative lead

Harish Makam

Search lead

Akhand Raghav

Marketing operations

Shyam Kumar


Manovishwas Reddy

Retail operations

Tarun Kumar Reddy

customer Operations

Sai Datta

customer Operations