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Carpet Cleaning


Carpet is one of the most common breeding grounds for bacteria and allergens. Each year a significant amount of soil and dust accumulate on your mats that spread infections or allergies.

So, it is important to get the carpet cleaned to maintain good health and hygiene. A clean and visually pleasing carpet also makes your room look fresher. The purpose of carpet cleaning is to remove most of the accumulated dirt from the carpet while minimizing the likely damage to the floor coverings.

Why should I use carper cleaning services?

At LaundroKart, we follow a well-tested process that extensively covers all the elements of carpet cleaning- from dusting to stain removal. Our carpet cleaning professionals are equipped with the state-of-the-art industrial machinery and cleaning chemicals like TR 101 & TR 103 to provide you the best service.

Professional carpet cleaning services near me.

We offer services to both carpets and rugs - Persian, woolen, wall-to-wall. We use eco-friendly products that are safe for your children, family members and pets.

How do we do it

Primary Extraction:
We extract the dust particles from the carpet surface using dry vacuum cleaners.

Stain Removal:
We use chemical-based spotting process to remove stains by scrubbing the carpet using a soft brush and chemical Taski TR 103.

Wet Foam Scrubbing:
We scrub the entire carpet using Taski TR 101.

Secondary Extraction:
Using wet vacuum, we extract the moisture and dirt from carpets.

We double-check the cleaned carpet to ensure it has been cleaned properly.

Time taken:
It varies with the size of the carpet.

Between you and your laundry, lies LaundroKart!

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