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LaundroKart, Siddapura

LaundroKart started off as an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service in 2014 and as of today, We are the most chosen and trusted brand for Laundry and Dry cleaning.

We have our stores in more than 40, prominent areas of Bengaluru and Siddapura is one of them!

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Premium care for your clothes

Easy and hassle-free booking process

Eco-friendly Laundry and Dry cleaning service

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KG Laundry

5 Star Wash

Expert Dry Cleaning

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Walk into the LaundroKart store at Siddapura and drop off your laundry

Call us at 099168 28811 to request for a pick up

Schedule your service via the LaundroKart App.

While doing laundry, there are certain rules which you really need to follow to avoid causing any damage to your expensive and delicate fabrics.

Laundering your clothes sounds to be a simple chore like just throw in the clothes into your washing machine, add the detergent and press the button. But it is only after accidentally shrinking your pullover or ruining your stained t-shirt, that you realize it is complicated than it seems.

To avoid such mishaps in the laundry, you should figure out where you can cut corners and which laundry rules you should never break.

One of the laundry quandaries can be solved by following what is written on the tags attached to your clothing. If the label says dry clean only, obey it to prevent causing damage to your fabric. If it says dry clean, then it is just the suggested method so you can either hand wash it or use the laundry services to dry clean it.

Items of velvet, leather, silk and wool should be dry cleaned only as they do not react well in water. They cannot withstand the roughness of the washer as well.

If you are still afraid of doing your laundry the wrong way, place a dry cleaning online order at LaundroKart and avail the laundry & dry cleaning services in Siddapura. The best dry cleaners in Siddapura assure to provide you with a spotless cleaning of your stained and soiled dresses.

The Dry cleaners in Siddapura take the dirt on your clothes seriously and aim to give you the best laundry service along with doorstep pick-up and delivery facility.